The construction work has many features suitable for the implementation under model of general contractor  such as: the works spend many stages, use various involved forces, various materials and equipment and many work types ... When a construction organization performs the whole or a part of the project’s specific work, it will bring   efficiency  to the project and it is  also a condition to improve the capability and to promote the construction organization’s development. Therefore, the model of general contractor is indispensable in construction management.

With the synchronous capability in the field of design consultancy, equipment supply and construction work, the company has grown and became a qualified contractor that performing many projects under the model of general contractor ( general construction contractor, EPC) such as:

1. Piaggio Vietnam factory phase 2 (EPC)    

2. Nhan Co Bauxite Ore Refining Plant and Conveyor Line (EPC)

3. Formosa Ha Tinh water treatment plant (EPC)

4. Dong Do Hai Phong Electronics Factory (EPC)