1. Construction consultancy of Civil and Industrial project

Vinaincon E&C has over 22 years of experience in construction consultancy. The main consultant fields  include: consultancy on Planning, survey work, investment project establishment, technical design, construction drawing design, designing and estimation verification, project management, construction supervision and equipment installation, quality inspection of the construction works etc.. Clients of Company are  foreign investors from Japan, Australia, Korea, China., and domestic investors. The Company’s Products are always highly trusted and appreciated by customers.  Vinaincon E&C has been granted a Certificate of Construction Activity Capacity granted by the Construction Activity Management Bureau under Ministry of Construction included the following fields:

- Geological survey of construction works: Class II 
- Design  and  verification of design for civil and Industrial construction projects: Class I
- Establishment of construction planning: Class III
- Supervision of civil & industrial construction works: Class II 

2. Consultancy on construction of  power transmission line and substation up to 500KV

Vinaincon E&C is one of a few consultancy companies that have been qualified the capability, experience and granted the electricity activity license to carry out  consultant services of design, construction and installation of power transmission lines and substations with voltage up to 500kV. VINAINCON E&C has implemented the survey work, establishment of investment project, designing works etc. of many power projects for customers and management boards specialized in electricity, power companies and other customers. Vinaincon E&C has been granted the electricity activity license by Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam under Ministry of Industry and Trade for consulting activities of power transmission lines and substations up to 500kV: